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Horizontal Boring Mills - Floor Type

CNC Floor Borer with NC Rotary table & NC Facing Head

1983 with Siemens 8M control; floor plate 4500 x 2500 mm; NC rotary table 1800 mm dia with full B axis 0.001 deg indexing; X 6000, Y 2000, Z 1000, W boring spindle axial travel 600 mm; speeds 0-3000 rpm, 55 kw motor; 150 mm spindle dia, facing head 680 mm dia, U travel (facing slide) 200 mm, with facing tools, spindle support unit – EXCELLENT MECHANICALLY.

Proposal Number: VB-4717

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CNC Floor Boring & Milling machine with Tool Changer

1987 with Siemens 850M control; X 4000, Y 2500, Z 1000, W 800; speeds 2-2000 rpm in 4 gear steps, 57 kw motor, 12130 Nm torque; 140 mm spindle dia, ISO 50; 40 station chain type toolchanger; with D'Andrea facing head, angle head, floor plates, safety guards, tooling and spares package - Excellent mechanically!

Proposal Number: VB-4721

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