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Jig Borer / Co-ordinate Boring Machines

CNC Double Column Co-ordinate Boring Machine
With Deep hole drilling support

1984 machine with Heidenhain TNC426 control. Table 4250 x 2200 mm; Traverses: X 3000, Y1 2180, Y2 2000, Z 500, Z2 450 mm. Boring spindle 46 kW, 224 mm spindle Ø, Drilling / Boring / Tapping. Milling spindle Ø 250 mm, depth 5mm, capacity 730 cm³/min. Very Good condition. Attention heat exchanger manufacturers, tube sheet drilling work, deep hole drilling work – machine can do 30mm Ø x 450mm depth work with the drilling unit!

Proposal Number: VB5234

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CNC Double column co-ordinate Borer

1980/1998; Siemens 840C control; Table size 3200 x 1800 mm; between columns 2500 mm; Table load 10,000 kg; Boring spindle diameter 150 mm; Travels X 3000 mm, Y 1800 mm, Z 850 mm, W 400, U 250 mm; Spindle drive motor 15 KW; Spindle speed range 10 – 2240 rpm; 60 tool magazine positions; Spindle taper ISO 50; large tooling package, excellent condition.

Proposal Number: V(B)-4060

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CNC Jig Borer / Double column co-ordinate Boring Machine

1966/1992; Heidenhain TNC 360 control; Table size 1000 x 1000 / 850 x 374 mm; between columns 1855 mm; Travels X 1400 mm, Y 900 mm, Z 850 mm, W 370, U 250 mm; Spindle speed range 30 – 1500 rpm; boring spindle dia 82 mm; large tooling package excellent condition from Swiss precision!

Proposal Number: V(B)-4059

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